Glass Lunch Pot 20 0z


A hardy size and a wonderful and happy addition to your to go lunches or dinners or breakfasts. I should just say meals, snacks, anything!

What we put our food in should be just as lovely as what are food is that is going inside of us, don't you agree?

Our new leakproof and lightweight glass lunch bowl is AMAZING! Instead of a mason jar, this can be your new go to bowl builder or salad layering bowl. Plus it feels good in your hands and is super convenient and LEAK FREE ( when you make the cap nice and tight of course..)

The silicone lid prevents splattering when microwaving and the base container is made from durable polypropylene combined with sustainably-sourced wood fiber which provides protection for the glass bowl and makes it easy to hold after microwaving.

The stainless-steel lid screws onto the base to provide a leak-proof seal. -100% leakproof -Microwave safe, including wood fiber base for easy handling when hot (*not Stainless steel lid) -Oven safe glass and silicone lid (*not wood fiber base) -

Dishwasher safe -BPA free

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