Softening Rose Shower Gel


ALAYNE'S THOUGHTS: A rose is a rose is a rose... so not true. There are plenty of synthetic rose like products on the market that offer nothing except a headache. Here is the thing. True authentic plant based products (and candles by the way) affect your olfactory system positively and this little nugget of a system makes your brain and your mood respond in a more natural and beneficial way. REAL ROSE, like the ROSE that Jurlique grows themselves in their own gardens and fields will make you feel like you just bought a bouquet for yourself (because why wait for some else to love you like only you can love you?) If Rose is not your jam, then by all means head on over to Calming Lavender or Citrus or Restoring Lemon Geraneum Clary Sage. There is no excuse to use soap on your body ever again.


A gentle soap-free shower gel, that leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. It has a heavenly natural Rose fragrance that's soothing to the senses. Natural extracts of Aloe Leaf and Honey restore moisture to the skin, and are ideal for helping to smooth and rebalance dryness. This shower gel is free from soaps, sulphates and parabens, and contains no artificial colors or fragrances.

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