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50's Full Throttle (I need everything RIGHT NOW and FAST)

OMG. It has happened. You look in the mirror and you realize that your skin has taken a downward turn, like seriously headed south and not the south of France. Do you panic? Hell no. You schedule a skin chat with Alayne, who is 55 herself and can get you to lean in and remember that downhill is the fun part (with a little help from Jurlique of course) This complete kit of delight includes her faves- cleanser, toner, serum, oil, eye cream, day cream and night cream all packaged in a beautiful box and headed your way. And if you would prefer to wait for a chat for a more custom approach, she can hand pick just what you and YOUR skin need. Easy. That's the idea. This package includes everything you need though if you can't wait and you just want to get started NOW. When you purchase this, you will be contacted to schedule a chat just in case there is something you don't need in this package. We want to get it right the first time.

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