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Alayne's Jurlique Faves for DRY and or Aging Skin

If you like moisture, and more moisture, glowy, shiny skin and maybe you have seen Alayne's skin and think it looks great (for her age:) this is her go to Jurlique bag of tricks. She also has a Gloskinbeauty bag of tricks she toggles between, but Jurlique is when she is in the mood for a garden on her face. The aroma and the moisture yumminess of this collection will get your skin the luminosity it needs. Cleanser, oil, night cream and the richest protective extra cream for those driest of skins or the cold walks in winter make this combination your new skin dream. Comes with a free chat with alayne to talk one of her favorite topics.... shiny healthy skin. Because OIL IS A GOOD THING when you are aging.

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