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Jurlique Activating Water Essence


Jurlique products are like a dose of inner beauty. They are like bringing the garden into your bathroom and planting it on your face and body. Their aromas are the real deal, not some synthetic fake crap that screws with your endocrine system and your tender olfactory system.

When I first learned of this toner product, I admit I was a little bit of an eye roller. I mean how many steps should we expect our clients to do? I try to simplify routines, not make them more complex. But sometimes a product comes a long that I try and am pleasantly surprised. This lovely glass bottle of activating and hydrating aroma rich water does a few powerful things.

First of all, it creates a pause for you- a slowing down to shake a few dashes of it into the palm of your hand and gently press onto your face and neck. It forces you to take a deep breath and settle down before you start your day or before you head to bed. That is for your insides. What it does for your outsides is hydrate and hold water so that your skin looks happier, brighter and more luminous. And who doesn’t want this for both your insides and outsides?

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