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Blondie's Bakery - 1 Dozen


Mmm. What is Alayne doing selling food? Here's the thing, now that we have been forced to pivot, we get to pivot in whatever direction we want, this means supporting start ups. BLONDIE'S BAKERY will change your life with these way more than bite size delights. You seriously won't be able to eat just one (Alayne ate 4 pronto) Great sweetness gift and you are supporting a local woman business AND another female starting her dream of baking the best Blondies you will ever have. 

These freeze beautifully if you want to ration yourself. Up to 6 months. Natural blonde is like a chocolate chip cookie in a brownie style. Dirty Blonde is with butterscotch chips. 

Heat for 20 seconds in the microwave if you really want to blow your mind (or if you are PMS, menopausal, cranky, tired, hangry or just living the dream).

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