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Glo Skin Beauty 3 Step Skin Care Kit-Sensitive Over 40


Sensitive skin doesn't have to stand in the way of a high-quality skincare routine. If you are over 40 years old and your skin is sensitive to harsh cleansers and creams, this is the skincare routine for you. 

Sensitive Skin Kit includes:

Glo Gentle Cream Cleanser

This gentle cream cleanser thoroughly removes makeup, excess oil and debris while respecting the skin's natural moisture balance. Free of fragrance and dyes, this cream cleanser is designed to gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin for a refreshed complexion without irritation.

Glo Phyto-Calm Aloe Drops

Phyto-Calm Aloe Drops revitalizes skin with an elegant, nutrient-rich formula designed to help support the skin's natural moisture barrier function to restore calm, increase strength and enhance radiance. Free of fragrance and dyes, this serum benefits even the most sensitive skin.

Glo Phyto-Calm Aloe Hydrator

Delivers ultra-soothing botanical extracts and nourishing aloe vera to safeguard skin and restore an even, balance complexion. Helps calm sensitive skin, diminish hyperpigmentation and shield against environmental stressors.

PLUS- Assorted samples of other helpful products to try.

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