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Self Love Ritual


Who needs a partner to perform self care?


- The candle box is a seed packet so either save it for spring planting or better yet get yourself a pot, add some dirt, then plant the box now- water and then when the first sprout springs up, it can be a reminder of that day you set aside to care for you.

-THEN, Light the candle

- Take a bath with a few squirts of this shower gel for a bubble bath  OR Bring this in the shower and really give yourself a nice rubdown

OR Get a nice big bowl and pour some hot water over a few squirts of the shower gel for a luscious foot soak (remember to get yourself some towels for foot drying and the massage you will give yourself with the oil.)

-After you dry off, massage whatever your body craves with this delightful and aroma free ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL.

- Take a nice deep breath and remember that there is only one of YOU.

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