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Perfect for gifting...or for keeping for yourself. Each box contains carefully selected products designed to inspire self care.

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Every box is put together with the care and love like you made it yourself and each and every one of them is hand picked and jam packed with surprises and delights.

Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss

There is no time limit on grief. These words came to me on my 31st birthday four months after my 25 year old brother had died from cancer. My belo...

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what to do about mask face

How To Correct Mask Face

Masks have come off. Our skin can finally breathe and so can we. What I am seeing is two years of mask face, though— clogging, blemishes, redness. ...

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A Wake Up Call- Cold Swim in the Atlantic

A Wake Up Call

On my birthday this year, March 15th, I jumped into the Atlantic Ocean. I am not sure what the pull was that seemed to command this cold plunge, bu...

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