Alayne's 11 Favorite Lifestyle Things

2020 created a lot of spinning plates in business owning. I have re-thought over and over how I want to have a business, thanks to the weird 2020. Part of this aptly named "chameleon strategy" is to create a lifestyle brand in addition to a beauty without the BS brand. Lifestyle is part of beauty anyway so it makes perfect sense to make some recommendations beyond skin care. Without having to carry an expensive inventory and stock every product I adore, (my mighty team would probably kill me), I have learned that I can recommend products and get a small commission (trust me, it's small), but regardless, it's a little something to keep this little engine that could business of mine still standing (and still employing).

In some cases the products I recommend make me what is called an Amazon Affiliate. In other cases when I am recommending products in other areas, I may get a small commission from them, too. Shop early, shop often and know this helps support a small business in a big way.

I am redoing my space to get it ready for offering it as retreat and event space, There are so many non beauty items I just love so much. Things that give me added pleasure for a happier life in Alayne's World.From kitchen to living space, and everything in between. Items that give me joy and pleasure along with practicality. Here are some of my delights for this winter and beyond.

This may be a surprising first thing, but I love my old school brass barometer. There is something about looking at the dial and seeing what the weather is up to. Yes, I know you can look at your phone as my sailor friend, Ken, reminds me of often, but I just love having this nearby. Perhaps because it is both pretty and simple and only relies on the weather rather than a computer chip as its trusty navigation. Made right in Harwichport, Cape Cod Massachusetts too.

round brass dial barometer for the weather

I just got my first pair of Steiner compact binoculars and the total geek in me now takes them on my walks at the lovely Sachuest Point in Middletown, RI. Using a pair of binoculars is breathtaking. Nature is there for the taking - we just have to look up.

a black pair of binoculars

If I could stay in my pjs all day I seriously would. Ditto for wearing slippers. As I get older, I am noticing my feet are too, it's a weird thing, our feet, my toes are starting to hit each other and I am having trouble finding shoes that are comfortable beyond sneakers and slippers. So here are the Ugg slippers I have been wearing for over twenty years. You can't kill them and they keep my feet warm and comfortable!

suede slipplers with embroidery around rim

There is always the need for coasters (and wine, but I don't sell that). I have a some beautiful wood tables so protecting them is what coasters do. Coasters, a good mug, and some local honey are a winning winter combination. GREAT housewarming gifts for all those parties we finally get to enjoy again.

Baking equals a lot of mixing and there is something about the perfect bowl. This mixing bowl trio set is on my holiday list this year for some of my favorite baking friends, pourable, pink and happy and I love as much happy in my kitchen.

Cutest bakeware ever
Great Jones​​

Winter is about some of my favorite recipes: briskets, hot dishes, blueberry cake and warm smelling deliciousness in my kitchen. I love a great casserole dish and am madly in love with this size, the sturdiness and the color! As we say in Little Rhody, wicked cute.

casserole dish with pink swirly pattern on outside
Great ​​Jones

This French Press for my morning coffee is my absolute favorite. I used to use a coffee pot, tried Keurig too, but that seemed pretty wasteful, when I switched to a French press I loved the flavor, but the glass ones just didn’t keep the coffee warm enough for the second cup. I found this amazing press and bought one for me and one for my partner and my son.

French Press coffee pot with box

A big splurge and impulse purchase for me that I have never regretted is an Elyse Allen cashmere hat with Swarovski crystals (yes really). I love this company - Elyse makes everything by hand. I love supporting other amazing business women If you want to splurge, head right over to her store. As long as you don’t lose it, you will never look back at your decision.

woman with a coffee cup and a winter hat and coat smiling

Swaddle yourself with these delightfully practical wraps. I live in an old historic New England town and an old historic New England House from 1866. This means brrrrrrr in the winter despite the insulation, it is always a little on the chilly side. These new wraps made in Fall River, Mass where my grandfather started his factory in the fifties are everywhere in my home, my retreat space and my guest rooms and for sitting by the outdoor fire pit. Warm, durable, washable and they never pill or lose their luster. Great for some serious self-snuggling.

a woman with white hair holding a coffee mug modeling the wrap

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