5 Great Ways to Use Glo Phyto Active Conditioning Oil Drops

Of all of my favorite products in the GLO SKIN BEAUTY line, I would have to say that Glo Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil Drops is the most versatile and helpful for many other uses.

So here are five ways you can benefit from this fabulous product:

Immediately Hydrate Dry Skin

If you need immediate dry skin relief, Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil Drops to the rescue. Why? Because Jojoba Oil is closest to our own natural oils so this product works with your skin like magic. Apply the drops as a solo moisturizer after cleansers and serums for some quick fix moisturizing.

Boost Your Moisturizer

Mix the drops with your moisturizer for added moisture to seal the deal of your cream. If you use a light weight cream, a few drops will add a little extra weight to it without the commitment of a heavy cream.

Add to Your Mask

Add a few drops to any Glo facial mask like a recipe and apply a coat to your skin before you jump in the shower for some Alayne White treatment in your own bathroom. This is a great moisture-packed way to start the day or begin your evening.

Add to Your Manicure

Conditioning oil drops make for an excellent cuticle hydrator and softener. Add a few drops and massage into your cuticles each night before bed.

Treat Summer (or Winter) Skin

Create a HYDRA BRIGHT treatment for yourself. Follow these simple steps for rejuvenated skin following harsh weather exposure. Sun, wind, cold (or just life coming at you.)

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