5 Simple Ways to Help a Small Business

Small business has suffered during 2020/21. The losses are immeasurable. But for many of us, we have figured out a way to persevere.

This is what makes for a wild ride for a small business owner like me and the many amazing owners I know. We kick ass when the going gets tough- though this going wasn’t something any of us ever imagined.

Small Business Perception vs. Reality

I forget that people who don’t own small businesses make their assumptions about successful businesses by what they experience on the outside. Not being able to get a reservation at their favorite restaurant or an appointment at their favorite place to get a service often misleads customers into thinking, “What a goldmine!” or “That place should hire more help!” or “They need to be open more!” I have often thought this myself as it is so easy to forget the mess we are in and trying to crawl our way out of with not much end in site.

Yesterday alone my business took six cancellations for appointments because they had Covid. And they were vaccinated. This has only just begun.

I turned my business upside down during Covid by creating an online shopping experience and this alone has saved my company. We developed skin care products and free skin chats to help make your routines less confusing to replace the walk in business in two successful locations. We created beautiful custom gift boxes to replace the gift cards I used to sell and over one hundred new boutique products to shop for. I will never criticize another person’s online website again. I never realized the work that goes into an online site. It is seriously an entire new business. And an expensive one.

Box of Happy Gift Box

Box of Happy Gift Box

But I am confident that this little engine that could will be the success I expect and will be the majority of my business while I navigate this high touch service business during a politicized virus. This online business I created is also employing my team members so they have work when they get appointment cancellations. It has saved jobs and is creating new jobs.

Shop Alayne White

If you have shopped on my online store, Shop Alayne White, thank you. Every purchase keeps my company alive. Even more than coming in for a service right now. I am so grateful for your choice to navigate my website in its infancy. I have had this glorious discovery that I love this new business of mine and it is only going to get better!

Here are 5 ways you can help my small business out (or others you may know too!)

  1. Tell 2 friends. Send an email with the website link or the referral code. What I have noticed is that all of my online sales are coming from people who already knew my brand. I am asking that if you have a sister, a friend, an aunt, a mom in a different state who may need some great gifts or some skin care advice, please tell them about my store. We sometimes take for granted that because we know and love something everyone we know already knows about it. By telling people you know, it helps us get the word out with your stamp of approval. This is priceless. If you love my brand, please consider signing up for my referral program.
  2. Buy from small businesses. Continue to buy your products on my online store instead of the big websites. Our small businesses are doing everything we can to stay competitive, but sometimes we just can’t compete. The few extra dollars it may cost to do business with us helps keep a small business alive. Our margins are tighter than ever these days because the cost of everything has skyrocketed.
  3. Using your gift cards. If you have a gift card from the old world of Alayne White consider using it as part of a larger purchase instead of exactly the amount of the gift card, even ten extra dollars helps a small business.
  4. Schedule an online skin chat. Get great skin care advice- real advice from licensed estheticians who want to make your routines easier. Schedule your free skin chat here.
  1. Purchase your holiday gifts early. Supply chains are being stressed due to Covid. Shop for holiday gifts early by ordering fun products you see on my site.

This change of plans in the direction of my company has left me breathless. My small and mighty team has been an integral part of this success and when you continue to shop with Alayne White, you are supporting a woman-owned company and giving us the opportunity to continue to serve our community. For this I am most grateful.

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