Business Ownership Is Not For Sissies

*Warning: Lots of F-bombs in this post.*

Bette Davis, one of my favorite actresses from the old movie days, was quoted as saying,

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies.”

Still standing after the last 2 years, ain’t no place for sissies either.

Pivoting, regrouping, changing, and not having a massive heart attack because of it all is a cause for celebrating that I ain’t no sissie. Not sure if I am even supposed to say that these days but after what this world has just been through, fuck it.

Life is starting to look kind of normal again from the Covid perspective anyway. I actually have to remind myself that what we just went through actually happened. People are out and about; I barely see a mask anymore, let alone ads anywhere for keeping safe.

I am pretty confident that I can speak for most when I say, What a shit show.

On the brightest note, many positives came out of all this crappiness, so in trying to look on the bright side of life, using my new word I may have just invented, I can say, My bad ass-ability has paid off.

I am still standing.

Many cannot say this.

I sell stickers in my business that say, There is No Grace Without Grit.

Right, the fuck, on. Grit I have. Check.

So as we are marching forth into the holidays with Covid barely a backdrop along comes a boatload of cancellations this week.

Because of Covid.

And I am grateful that I did pivot my business to an e-commerce platform back at the beginning of all this mayhem, so at least I could do business there when I can’t do business here.

But running a successful ecommerce site ain’t for sissies either. I have a completely new respect for anyone who jumped in to try it out- ever- let alone this past two years.

For the past two weeks I have spent entire days- I am not kidding- 2 full twelve hour Mondays, 1 full twelve hour Tuesday on the couch in my PJ’s, with my laptop in my lap, working on everything behind the scenes.

Not to mention the 3 am wake-ups, the staying up late to complete the endless task list of categorizing products in the right places so shoppers can find them easily in between trying to have the life that I want to live. This is all between the times when an idea pops in my idea filled brain and I need to put it into my Google spreadsheet at the speed of light so I don’t forget. Because I can’t remember shit anymore.

I have turned into a photographer, photo shooting a never ending supply of ideas to name gift boxes that I hope people will buy for their gift-giving early enough so I have time to actually put them together. Because in between working out front, trying to train my team how to do other tasks when we have cancellations, (so they can still get paid and I still have a team), I am still the main manager, schedule coordinator, email answerer, gift card researcher, inventory purchaser, bookkeeper, and marketer.

I am humbled by the inner workings of a successful website. I have learned so much.

In the midst of all of this wildness, I have felt exhilarated in a way I haven’t felt in many, many years. So I decided to embark on self-publishing my first book, reinventing my entire brick-and-mortar space so it can be a retreat and event space, and starting a typewriter museum.

With all of these F-bombs and what may sound like complaining, I am not. I love this challenging wackiness. I feel more energized, exhilarated even. Definitely more creative. This long strange trip has actually induced a perpetual state of chaotic joy.

I am full-on in love with what I do and where I have found myself. And this also astounds me.

Maybe I am just a glutton for punishment. I have no idea- so I roll with this. For sure, I will likely never look at a website the same way again.

  • I try to open small business emails now.
  • I definitely hit the like button on my favorite fb and ig posts.
  • I share when I can.
  • I forward emails to others.
  • I comment and send smiley faces while checking mine.

What I have learned this past two years is that, like aging, being in business ain’t for sissies. It never has been.

These last two years have shown me who I am and what I am made of.

I am gritty, wild, creative, and filled with an unstoppable abundance of curious energy unmatched by the feint hearted.

All I ask of you, my beautiful clients, is to continue to open my emails, like my posts, share them with people who may not know the Alayne White brand, and spread the love. Just like you have been doing.

I hope this made you laugh and affirm that you continue to do business with someone who speaks aloud that bubble over her head. If so, please reply. I also answer all emails personally.

So as we approach this holiday season, I just want to THANK YOU again for reading my blogs and being part of the Alayne White World. I know that what my team and I do matters because I hear from so many of you regularly.

You are my driving light.

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