Fun Kits and Gifts for Under $75

I realize we are a small store in the big online world of shopping, but what I have also realized during this past almost two years is that you can still shop small and local and shop online.

Online stores like mine have popped up as a result of the pandemic.

You can still feel good about supporting small local businesses even when you shop online.

My online store is a great example of this. Because of this experiment I have been able to reach far beyond the world of skin care adding trinkets and baubles and many other fun gifts.

Perfect timing for the holiday season.

I've Learned So Much

What I have learned during this wild ride though is that building an online store is one thing, building one that is easy and beautiful to navigate is something completely different.

For example, I love baking and I really enjoyed baking with my son when he was little. I found these terrific kits that are themed with Cookies for Santa, Making a Gingerbread House, Llama Love Cookie Kits all the way to Pizza Making (and about ten others too).

What I love about these sets is that they have all of the tools, colored brightly and well made, without the ingredients. This gives you lots of room to be able to create the recipes, and make shopping for the ingredients part of the experience.

You can teach your kids how to read a recipe or you can use your own. I love these kits. They are a great gift for Grandparents to give to their grandchildren or to buy for your own.

When I eagerly entered them in my store as “kits,” they all showed up under “Skin Care Kits” because of the word, “Kits.” I didn’t notice until about three days after simply because there is so much work in adding all of the photos, the item names, the prices, the sizes, the descriptions, the tags, I am usually ready to call it quits after just this part.

And this is just one product!

This is one example of how much thinking goes into the behind the scenes world of an online business, but I love it more every day. It is a major work in progress and am still learning how to communicate its bounty. Anytime you order skin care, I am so happy, but anytime I get an order that includes some of the other non skin care goodies I have added, I feel like I have won the lottery.

So Much More Than Skin Care

Besides the beautiful and plentiful items I have on my site, I also wrap them and ship them with the same level or care and service you would get if you walked into my business in person. It has been a fun way to reconsider service.

I have thought about shopping in the online space a lot. Sure, it is easy to shop on Amazon. I get the convenience of it all. I also get the steep discounts that going direct to the brand can sometimes lure the consumer with. As I have considered my own brand and the future of my company, my point of difference is being able to service my customers with the highest level with my wrapping, my care, my attention to detail and the joy you will receive when you get my package.

It is not just something thrown together with a few pieces of plastic wrap.

It is kindness, beauty, love.

And who doesn’t enjoy more of that?

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Here are some easy to purchase kits and gifts under $75 for any holiday. Any item in my store can be made into a gift box, too. If you’d like to set up a virtual shopping call, you can set that up easily here.

I will be open most days for you to come in and shop, too, if you are local. My hope is that you use this fun list for the holidays and beyond. These ideas are great for any occasion.


Glo Multi-Masking Ritual Kit

Glo Suede Matte Crayons

Glo Phyto-Active Conditioning Oil Drops- Limited Edition Stocking Stuffer

Glo Eye Renewal Ritual Kit

Patchology Eyes Perfecting Trio

Patchology Mistle Toes Kit

Glo Glossy Lip Trio


Intro to Baking Kit

Wonder Woman Lunch Box

Wonder Woman Puzzles

Secrets and Dream Invisible Ink Diary


We believe that gift boxes should be unique and thoughtfully assembled and filled with the best intentions. Each product in each box is hand selected with love and care as if you made it yourself. We offer mini gift boxes for under $75 in the following themes and are also happy to make a custom box, too.

  • Teachers
  • Best Friends + Sisters
  • Just Diagnosed
  • You Rock
  • Teenagers
  • Wonder Woman
  • Self-Care


Tea set

Yes cocktail

White’s cocktail

Vermont Raw Honey


Plant the box candles

Hand Loomed Dish Towels and Napkins

Holiday Hand Towel


Stress Less- 100 Mindfulness Exercises for Calmness and Clarity

Nina Simone Journal

Affirmations for Happiness

Delicate Freaking Flower Pencils


Gratitude pens

Your Goddess Year Book

Crystal Gift Boxes

Journals and pencils

If you are looking for a gift for someone special and need some ideas, shoot me an email at Alayne@alaynewhite.com and I am happy to point you in the right direction.

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