I Wrote A Book

There I said it. Let me say it again. I wrote a book.

I am proud of this accomplishment.

I will squelch the little voice inside that wants to take me down a few notches.

I will rejoice and celebrate this accomplishment by talking about this book, promoting it and selling it to everyone I know who I think may enjoy it.

This latest book of mine is called LIFE CYCLING- My spin on life’s moving parts.

Alayne White- Life Cycling

It is a compilation of all the different phases of a woman’s life- motherhood, grief, cancer, drinking, dieting, exercising, and life in general. I think it is relatable and if you choose to read it, you may find yourself laughing and crying from story to story.

Life Cycling is a quick read, and I am so happy I completed this project during this last year. I can’t think of a better time to launch it then on my 57th birthday.

I am really excited about sharing this with all of you. I am offering the book on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle version and in my online store.

Do you prefer audiobooks? Experience Alayne's book narrated in her voice on Audible.

The Completion of the Book

I have had an interesting mix of feelings in the completion of this first book of mine that has greatly surprised me. Sort of melancholy- a let down kind of. Almost anti-climatic.

I was listening to a podcast, The NYT book review interviewing Jennifer Haigh on her new book, Mercy Street, her seventh novel. When asked by the interviewer, Pamela Paul, about her process of writing, she replied by saying that she usually goes through a borderline depression and that her life makes perfect sense when she is working and makes no sense at all when she isn’t.

I took a satisfying breath of relief after hearing this because I realized that this feeling I was experiencing and it is perfectly normal! The difference between Jennifer and me, though, is that the promotion work is just beginning because I chose to self publish. This means that the work is all on me from now forward. Is this what it feels like to realize after the election you just won and fought your ass off for only to find you have to actually do the job now?

Strange, and I guess this is why I have been a bit quiet about this whole endeavor. But if I am not going to sing it from the rooftops, who is, so here is my shameless self promotion to get this book out to people so that it hopefully resonates. And like anything, it needs reviews so if you do buy it and like it, please review it as this helps some algorithm or something that I really don’t give a shit about, but I am told I am supposed to so here I am.

You can also buy the book directly on Amazon too.

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