It is hard to believe that this photo was taken before everything changed. When the words, I am enough, would soon be a phrase taken far more seriously than just holding up a card for an Instagram photo.

2020. A total mind fuck.

But I don't have to tell you this. The one point about 2020 is that everyone understands what we mean because we have all been going through it at the same time.

Some people, especially the ones that have had the vaccination, see the light at the end of the tunnel. But as a business owner in a high touch business, this has been hard to wrap my head around. The light at the end of the tunnel. Because as a business owner we have lost so much money, so much business, incurred so much debt with all of those EIDL loans we managed to secure, it is hard to fathom digging out of the darkness.

But there has been something kind of cozy about all of the darkness. The hunkering down and figuring out a different way to think about business and more importantly quality of life.

March 15, 2020 was the day I closed my company and laid off twenty women. March 15, 2020 was when we thought it would be for two weeks and here we are. March 15, 2020 was also my 55th birthday and today is my 56th birthday and HERE I AM. STILL STANDING. PROUD. FIERCE. TIRED. ENERGIZED. HAPPY. WORRIED. SAD. GRATEFUL. SO GRATEFUL.

I, with the help of the most tireless remaining team of three, and the best clients anyone could ever hope for during a global pandemic have completely reinvented my business as an online e commerce experience. AND I AM SO PROUD OF THIS.

Because despite the loss, there has been a reinvention of my brand and my life that has given me a brand new sense of purpose, zest and joy. I get to wake up every day and instead of spending the majority of my time creating in person service experiences, I am now packing up love and kindness in boxes of orders and shipping beauty all over the country.

So yes, we are open for facials on a very limited scale, but we are open for business to ship you products, to help you simplify your routines and bring beauty to your doorstep in ways I never imagined a year ago.

Has 2020 taught me anything? HELL YEAH. It taught me that for the next ten years, running my company differently is going to not only be ok, but also I am going to be OK.

I am enough because of clients and employees like you who have said yes and trusted my new direction because you have wanted to help and support small businesses like mine this past year.

I am so thankful for you and your business. Your kind words, your support and your cheering me on from the sidelines telling me YES ALAYNE, YOU ARE ENOUGH. AND SO ARE ALL OF YOU.

Thank you.

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