Reflections on Aging and Life

I looked at a picture of myself the other day and realized that 

I have begin to cross over.

The sagging has begun. I noticed a double chin starting to form not because I am overweight, but because the bottom of my jaw line is doing what the rest of my body is doing— heading south and I don’t mean to some place warm.
It seems like this has happened overnight and I am making an effort to lean into this new body and face of mine. 

Sagging, creppy, sun spotted, hair sprouting.

And I am not even 60 yet!

But I also know that this is all just superficial babble. I am teaching a writing group with women in their 80's and 90's who still kayak, hike mountains and ride Harley's.

The process of aging is the strangest thing. What I have observed about this turn of events is how much attention it steals me away from other things that are of much more importance.

Not in an obsessive way, but definitely in an energy zapping way.

"Old age ain't no place for sissies." Bette Davis

woman squatting in a field of daffodils
3 women smiling and one woman, Sedeqa Johnson, author,  is signing her book, The House of Eve

One extra layer is that I happen to be a woman who has been in the beauty business for my entire life.

The irony does not go unnoticed.

I am finding the mind fuck of the aging process quite curious as I pass myself in the mirror and see the odd stranger staring back. 

I am curious about why I feel a bit sideswiped by it, like I didn’t see it coming yet here it is staring back at me. But, of course I have seen it coming, certainly the aging process was expedited by a double mastectomy and preventive surgical menopause only 6 years ago.

It was also expedited by the last three years of Covid stress. My hair is whiter, my wrinkles are deeper, my brown spots are getting browner and multiplying by the minute. 

I think the last 3 years aged all of us and it is just now I am starting to see the end result of its cauldron of ingredients.

But I am alive. I have a healthy family and many deep friendships. This, along with a thriving business that includes a quad squad of employees who are like having a protective shield and cape on every day remind me how lucky I am. 

Too lucky to be whining about the print getting smaller on virtually every single item I try to read.

But I do feel that in my saying it aloud, it helps us all along the bumpy path of aging and changing.

Heading to 60 is a reminder to enjoy every minute.

To head to my beloved beach as often as possible even though it is the worst thing for my skin. To do nothing else other than to sit and stare at the birds on the bird feeder and allow them to keep me in the moment.

To read more, to write more, to use SPF more.

To say yes instead of no to live music, lectures and workshops (as long as they aren’t past 7:00pm:).

Part of the glory of living through a pandemic is that I got to face the changes head on and make some in response to it. 

For me, going forward is all about joy. Delving into stories that bring out my inquisitive nature, help others gather together for interesting events, invite women to collaborate and be together to bring our bubbling force to a slow simmer and figure out what’s next.

And to end this observational blog today, I hope you will indulge me in some of the upcoming workshops I am hosting at my beautiful magic kingdom at 11 Constitution St.    

They are sure to be a blast and I don’t know about you, but I need more blasts the older I get, how about you?

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