Shopping for Dresses

When summer happens, I am either in beach attire or summer dresses.

Besides workout clothes, summer dresses are my love. From the dreary dark winter days of black and navy solid colors, spring and summer is patterns and flow.

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I don’t follow fashion styles. My style is directed by comfort first. Head to toe, I just have to feel good. I am picky about my dresses, most often, and pardon the snobby sound of this, it is not intended to be that way, but most of my favorite dresses have come from my travels to the beautiful small island of Menorca in Spain and Tel Aviv, Israel. Not an easy replacement when travel has shifted so much. My dress collection has waned over the last few years. I have worn them to literal death and they are now best worn in my garden or to the beach.

Where Am I Shopping Dresses These Days?

So the dilemma has been where do I find more dresses? A client came in to get a facial a month or so ago and had a great cotton dress on. Always looking for the perfect new replacement dress, I commented on it and she humbly and happily told me she got it on …… yes Amazon.

Could I actually buy a real live summer dress that I wear out in public - on Amazon? If my client could, damn straight, I could. Truth be told, Jill Marinelli, closet stylist and clothing coordinator had recommended a tank mini summer dress that I promptly purchased based on her suggestion in an Instagram. Though they weren’t the best fit, the fabric was great and they made a great throw on beach and garden dress replacement. And on a side note, Jill likely would not recommend these shoes at all that I have chosen, but I have to be able to walk, so this is why I wear Naots and Birkenstocks.

So I began my nighttime searches for the perfect summer dress. If you have read any of my blogs about backup, you will know that when I find something I like, I have an impulse to purchase backup.

I ordered the dress that my client had on, including a few backups, and loved them immediately.

And I kept the search up to discover my most favorite summer dress that I now am the proud owner of about eight of because seriously they are like $38.00 each.

Jaw dropping bargain. Is it some snazzy name brand? No, but this has never been who I am. I just want comfort and ease. As much as I love shopping local and I do often, sometimes Amazon to the rescue is a great supplement.

My Favorite New Dresses

New summer dresses

I have included three of my favorite new dresses here with some pictures too.

And just so you know, I have also learned that I can make these recommendations and if you purchase them, I get a very small commission on your purchases making me now called an affiliate.

Makes it easy to make personal recommendations and keep my business afloat, too. A win/win.

I have included some photos of me in the dresses with a variety of styling, some me and I added some cute jean jackets to try to show a little variety which I never wear, but now that I see the photos, I may just start!

The shoes are Israeli Naots, and metallic Birkenstocks, very comfortable. My feet these days are requiring a certain sandal and though they may not be a higher wedge sandal likely making the dresses a little dressier, they are comfortable for these tired feet.

I am aware that with this whole wacky shopping experience I am feeding the Amazon machine and for this I have a bit of a guilty conscience. But I do know that in some cases Amazon is sort of trying to help small business with these affiliate options so I do feel that it is helping my little business.

If you need some easy to wear and cute dresses on the fly and don’t want to pay a fortune, this could be a place you could feel some joy when the box arrives.

And goodness knows who doesn’t need more joy these days?

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