There is so much noise out in the web world right now with every store clamoring for a piece of your wallet. The deep discounts are wild and for the small stores, the ones that have had to pivot quickly from brick and mortar to online, it is overwhelming. We can't compete without giving the store away and we have already done this because of the global pandemic we are in.

We small businesses are trying are best to save our companies from devastation and the consumer, that is you, is who we have to rely on this holiday season for your purchases even if the discounts can't compare.

If you are gift giving this year, we ask that you consider supporting us with your purchases so that when we can open again to the level you knew of us before, we are still here. We need brick and mortar on our main streets when this is all over because when we do finally come out to the light again, the old fashioned store front is just what the doctor will be ordering.

Happiest of Holidays- may they be safe, healthy and joyous.

Love alayne

ps wonder woman mask and apron available in our online store.

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