This Newly Found Freedom

I love the start of a vacation.

I closed my business for two weeks for vacation in early July. People probably scratched their heads wondering how I had the chutzpah to close my business voluntarily after the last two and a half years. Especially during the busier months of my business. If I learned one thing from the wild ride of owning a business during a pandemic that went politically haywire in the midst is that it is not about the money, it is about the health and welfare of my team and my emotional state.

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We Needed A Vacation

We needed a vacation. I needed a vacation.

I have always closed for a few days during July 4th celebrations in our little town, but two full weeks was a first. I had lists of to do’s, and each day I got up and found myself sitting, staring, napping. What I noticed about this was that I didn’t berate myself for this rest; instead I listened to the mighty voice and dozed.

Sure, I did manage to clean a few closets, do some gardening, but most of my to do list stayed right where it was supposed to- on the list to do some other time.

Where Does This Freedom Come From?

Does this freedom come from aging? I don’t know. I have many friends who can’t imagine sitting and staring off into space or napping in the middle of a day that screams for to do list completion. For some reason, aging means that ship has sailed. I don’t give a shit if I finish the lists that never end. The lists will always be there. Nothing is ever finished so "it can wait" is my mantra mostly.

Can you try this out? Or will this make you bat shit crazy?

What would happen if the dishes didn’t get done and put away right away? What would happen if you didn’t fold the laundry immediately and pulled your clothes from the dryer as needed. (I don’t really do this, but it sounds fun, doesn’t it?)

The world will not end, but you only have one glorious life to live and I am fairly confident that if you get the privilege of reflecting from a death bed, you won’t be saying “Wait, I didn’t put the laundry away yet!”

Make Time For Yourself

If you live around Bristol, Rhode Island or are thinking about visiting this beautiful area, make an appointment for an herbal foot soak in the garden. It is an amazing way to stay firmly planted and stare off into space. I can also help you plan your trip with my new concierge services. Sort of like "rent a friend" so you can travel solo, feel safe and cared for and not have to coordinate and compromise or negotiate the joys of your day.

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