Who is Your Wonder Woman?

Why Wonder Woman?

After receiving endless quantities of Wonder Woman swag during my cancer diagnosis in 2017, I became a bit hooked on this Super (S)hero. I never knew much about her until I came across the book, The Secret History of Wonder Woman by Jill Lepore, one of my favorite female historians. She did a deep dive into the history of Wonder Woman, how she was created, who created her. It was fascinating and so began my love of all things Wonder Woman.

The Wonder Woman Inspiration

When I began reshaping my business, literally transforming it with my spinning body from Diana to the magic of a brand new life in online space (sort of like an invisible plane) I couldn’t help ordering things that had a Wonder Woman theme. After almost a year, I have amassed quite an inventory.

What I love about Wonder Woman swag is how it makes every person, young and old smile when they see my wall of Wonder.

It is bright, powerful, joyful. Puzzles, notebooks, stickers, face masks, lunch boxes, capes, coffee mugs, books, to name a few. This has led to Wonder Woman gift boxes that contain a delightful collection of things that certainly give people a sparkle when they open them.

Send one to someone you adore. Maybe it is someone who needs a little jolt of power or some bad ass who already knows hers, his or theirs.

Wonder Woman Gift Box

We could all use more wonder these days. I hope you enjoy my selection as much as I do. Happy Wonderous Holidays to you.

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