Foot Soaking and Manicures

I don’t have a bathtub, only a shower. I live in a house built in 1865 yet there is no old school cast iron free standing tub I would have hoped for.

I love taking baths and sitting on my shower floor to let the water rain over me doesn’t quite do the trick.

I miss a deep bath ritual. The preparation of it all, lighting a candle, making the water steamy and adding potions and essential oils like a big steamy cauldron. Facial masks and loofahs, body brushes and bath gels, soft washcloths and making a cup of tea. And the music and lighting just right.

Getting the towels and the luxurious robes ready for when I get out. All part of the ritual for self care that is such a lovely way to prepare for bed or soften the soul on a cold or stressful day.

But installing a bathtub in my home is just not going to work, no place for it unless I want to do a twenty thousand dollar bathroom renovation. I probably wouldn’t be able to get the tub I want to the second floor anyway up the narrow staircase so I make due. And during these dark times, this is the least of what I should be concerning myself with.

And the reality may likely be more that the idea of having a bathtub maybe more than actually taking one so I came up with an alternative.

Regular Foot Soaking

Foot Soaking Gift Box- Alayne White

I can’t tell you how this glorious and easy treatment has become a stress reducing ritual for me. So much so that I am now offering them officially as both services in house or as a gift box so you can do them easily yourself.

I feel the same way about manicures. I never polish my nails, though I do love the way it looks. The maintenance of polish is not something my busy hands can tolerate, but I have learned how to give myself a bad ass manicure and I do this when I am soaking my feet.

What we hold onto in the energy of our feet and hands is astounding and I can’t explain in words how different I feel post foot and hand treatment, but it is significant. Maybe it is because I can’t move around so much. I am literally stranded in the foot bath so I am forced to stay put. It takes a lot for me to stay put so I welcome the excuse.

If I am really feeling like I want to go all the way, I add a mask to my tired skin, too and that really makes for a trifecta of at home care. Is it nice to come into Alayne White for a service for other people to perform? Sure, but this takes time and money and the amount of it all can so easily give you multiple treatments at home.

Lock yourself away from the kids or the busy-ness of your life if you can, or when the weather warms, move the bath to your backyard and set up your own private ritual space.

We only have one life to live and this is a great way to live it.

Buy a foot soak ritual box here.

Or some bath bombs individually and you will receive a "how to create a foot ritual recipe card" so you can do this fun and easy activity yourself.

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