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Large Custom Curated Gift Box ($250)



These large sized curated packages hold an array of delightful gifts to send to someone you just want to wow.


Gift Box Contents:

  • 12-15 Hand Chosen Items related to the intention of the gift box (ie. special occasion, birthday, grief, diagnosis, anniversary, new baby, corporate, etc)
  • Each item is individually wrapped in Alayne's signature style
  • Hand typed note typed on one of Alayne's Typewriters from her private collection included in each box
  • Most of the gifts will have individually typed notes attached creating smiles and curiosity.
  • This gift is packaged in our large sized signature gift box



Gifts ship within 3-5 business days. All shipping costs will be calculated during the checkout process.

What makes each and every box so unique is once she receives the order, she will ask you a series of questions to help define the intent and ultimately the content of the box.

How To:

  • Choose Gift Box Size + Price.
  • Order the box.
  • In the Shipping Section, be sure to include the name and address of the recipient.
  • In the notes section, write what you would like the card to say
  • Be sure to include your phone number and email so Alayne can contact you with some questions.
  • DONE.

Some Questions You Will Be Asked: (This helps Alayne choose just the right items to include)

  • What is the occasion for sending this?
  • How do you want the recipient to feel when she/he opens the box?
  • Age, interests, anything specific you want us to know

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