Alayne White

American Blanket Comforting Wrap (for those chilly evenings and brisk mornings)


The home and building that houses my business and my life is in a historic New England town. The old home, built in 1866 means brrrrrrr in the winter despite the insulation, it is always a little on the chilly side.

Swaddle yourself in these new wraps made in Fall River, Mass (where my grandfather started his factory in the fifties) are everywhere in my home, my retreat space and my guest rooms and for sitting by the outdoor fire pit. Warm, durable, washable and they never pill or lose their luster. 70x46 Generous for good self snuggling.

The best wraps you will ever buy. Blankets are also available.  One Size.

Thanks to my guest, Barbara for saying yes to an impromptu photo early in the morning.


Measures: 70" x 46" 

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