Alayne White

Micro Retreat with Alayne (3 hours)


Do you need a course correction? An inner, and maybe some outer, refresh? This is a three hour deep dive experience in helping you get back on track to find your purpose, figure out what way your inner compass is off kilter and reconfigure. Great for life, for business or a combination. This is custom designed for you.

How do I schedule one? Schedule HERE or Text Alayne at 401-575-6670.


How much time should I allow? 3 hours depending on what choices you make.

When are they available? Mondays- Tuesdays and some other days are available on request.

How much do they cost? $425

Can I bring a frIend? YES! The retreat choices will need to be the same for both.

Is there a different price if I bring a friend? The fee will be an additional $425 per person.

Do I need any writing or art experience? NO! This is about accessing your personal creative power. We all have it, we just forget to access it on occasion, this opens up the floodgates.

How in shape do I need to be for the activity portion? I customize based on what you feel you are capable of doing. Easy, brisk, or in between. Time of movement will depend solely on your ability and your choice. This retreat is about you.

What is the cancellation policy? Once scheduled, there are no refunds. 21 days or more to receive a credit towards another retreat. Because there is an outdoor component to these retreats, some modifications to the schedule may be needed. There are no refunds for any cancellations less than 21 days.

How do I schedule one? Schedule HERE or Text Alayne at 401-575-6670.

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