Jurlique Shower Gel


ALAYNE'S THOUGHTS: I have never met a lavender plant I didn't like, but I have met many products that have the audacity to call themselves 'calming' and 'lavender' that do anything other than make me want to blow my nose to remove the synthetic aroma immediately. NOT THE CASE with anything Jurlique. Their aromas are the real deal. Really. They grow their own plants, organically and believe me when I tell you that using any of their body products is like bringing your fully bloomed garden right into the bathroom with you. Whether, lavender, citrus, rose or lemon geranium and clary sage are your personal jam, you will feel the love when you start using these products on your beautiful self in the shower or the bath. Try all four and see what one gives you the best smile. Plus they have matching lotions, oils and hand washes too.


This indulgent shower gel works into a rich and creamy lather to leave skin soft, soothed and refreshed, without the use of soaps, sulphates, parabens or PEGs. With no artificial colors or fragrances, it's scented only with the calming and relaxing Lavender essential oil from our organic farm in South Australia. The lockable pump dispenser makes it suitable for travel or life on the go.

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