Daily Concepts

Daily Baby Konjac - Chamomille

We know how hard it can be to handle our babies so Daily Concepts created The Daily Baby Konjac Sponge Chamomile to soothe and calm during the baby's bathing routine. The Daily Baby Konjac Sponge Chamomile is a gentle sponge for your baby to clean and cleanse the skin. Konjac is made from a traditional Japanese “jelly-like” food from a strain of potato called “Konnyaku Potato”. The sponge is highly absorbent and the chamomile is infused to calm and soothe babies. What We Love About The Daily Baby Konjac Sponge Chamomille: Soothing and calming 100% Konjac Root, Preservative free 100% safe for baby’s delicate skin Clinically, allergy and dermatologist tested Vegan, Never tested on animals

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