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Glo Hydra-Bright Eye Cream



Product Description:

An eye cream with Vitamin C, lactic Acid and calming cucumber for instant radiance + brightening.

  • Illuminating mineral complex with a sheer peach tone
  • Gives the eye area an uplifted and refreshed appearance
  • Delivers instant luminosity for a radiant dewy effect
  • Hydrates and helps with the appearance of dark circles
  • Smoothing too because of the benefit of lactic acid

Alayne's Thoughts:

A question my team and I get asked often is "Do you have an eye cream that gets rid of puffiness, dark circles, lines?" My sincerest answer is always if I did, no one on the planet would be walking around with puffiness, dark circles and lines." Ha Ha. But there is some truth to my answer and the reality of an eye cream doing all of these things is just short of hope in a tube. This all being said, this new addition of Glo Hydra Bright Eye Cream is to impact and change the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. It does this with the trick of its luminous color without adding shimmer because that would be weird. This is a great new eye cream for the line and fills the hole just in time for all of our aging, puffy eyes.

How and When To Use:

  • Morning and or Night- Apply on the orbital bone under and around the eye, not on the eye itself because as the eye blinks it will draw product inward and you don't need to add it too close. 
  • Apply after serum and before moisturizing step.

Key Ingredients:

2% Vitamin C: This really helps shield against blue light damage

Lactic Acid: Gentle AHA and helps for firmer brighter skin

Cucumber Extract: Cool as a cucumber is a saying for a reason. Soothing, cooling and hydrating. What could be better than this trifecta of delight?

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