Alayne White

Luscious Lactic Blast


Give your skin a blast of Lactic finished off with a hydrating layered moisture mask.

WHO IS THIS FOR? If you are headed fast towards fifty, OR going through menopause, OR you are post menopause, OR you have been looking in the mirror lately and the reflection staring back is saying, "WTF is happening?" this treatment is for you.

COST: $65


WHAT DOES LACTIC DO? Our cellular turnover slows down to a snails pace as our bodies age. Lactic acid is a super hydrating peel that dissolves the build up of dead skin that happens as we age and stimulates cellular turnover - this is what makes our skin look more radiant.  Add menopause into the mix and we lose the vibrancy and elasticity we all took for granted as our mothers yelled at us to stay out of the sun. Why didn't we listen?

WHAT IF MY SKIN IS SENSITIVE? Don't worry, we will customize this treatment for you and make at home skin suggestions for you to get the most out of this treatment.

Do not schedule this if you are not serious about an at home skin routine. You will not see the benefits of this if you don't take the time to use the Pre-Kit or the follow up product recommendation. We suggest the SKIN AND MIND BLAST as an alternative or make sure to instead schedule the Lactic Blast with Pre-Kit instead.

This is a great treatment if you have already done a GROWNUP MAKEUP LESSON with Alayne

This is also a great way to get yourself back on track with a skin care routine that works and shows results.


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