Anti Anti-Aging

Why must we think that we are not supposed to age, that our skin is not supposed to age, that we are supposed to look the same as we did in our thirties?

Fuck that. I embrace aging.

I love getting older and I also love not giving a shit about it mostly. There are those times when I look in the mirror and instead of saying, OMG What the hell is happening? I say, OMG It has happened.

I look down at my weird skin that no matter how many pushups, is folding over my new elastic band dress and I just say, Alayne, you had a frickin mastectomy, it will never look the same. And I laugh. Laughing helps. Hanging out with laughing, happy chicks helps too, like my superchick friend, Maria in this photo who owns Newport Wine Cellar.

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But I lean in. Because I am alive and I have joy (and wine). We are supposed to be aging. If we could all just stop the anti aging train and realize that we are all in this together, we could actually be in this together.

But all of this Botox, fillers, surgeries and injections are stopping the camaraderie. I also understand that each and every one of us aging chicks needs to age the way that gives each of us our own joy. Plenty of women use these age corks to feel better when they stare at those reflections back at us in their daily mirror gazing.

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Whatever works, I think. As long as we realize that our necks and our hands will not be part of the anti aging party. Even Botox in all of its glory shows its dramatic difference as our foreheads look smooth and creamy as the bottom half of our faces looks like it is supposed to - aging. What I know for me is that I like the twists and turns that each age, each decade brings.

I am looking at my reflection with a curiosity rather than a concern. I want to see where it takes me, so whether I age gracefully or downright crone like, you can feel confident watching my process injection free.

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