Skin Cleansers- Sudsy, Creamy, or Both?

When I went to college, for about five minutes, there was an infantile getting to know each other activity. Everyone who was a cat person went to one side of the room and everyone who was a dog person went to the other. I knew this experience was not going to bring me the college anticipated excitement because I appeared to be the only student who couldn’t identify with either choice. I didn’t grow up with animals so I had a feeling of ambivalence.

Now I can much more easily say a dog person. I hold a particularly warm spot in my heart for my former pound dog, Frankie, a slugger of a Yorkshire terrier who had the confidence of a pitbull. I often think he saved me far more than I saved him.

Why Either Or?

These either or choices can put us in categories we get stuck in. Does it have to be one or the other? Can’t it be both, neither, or sometimes one, sometimes the other? I do understand that this does not work with cilantro. When this controversial herb is brought up, people are very much either or. Red Sox or that other team that begins with a Y would also fall into this category. Haha.

This introduction today may be a weird segue into discussing skin care, but I feel that the analogy warrants a deep discussion of my own personality assessment when it comes to cleansers.

Sudsy or Creamy?

Glo Gel Cleanser

For years, I have asked clients this simple question to determine what direction to point them in.

Sudsy or Creamy?

Do you prefer your cleanser to be sudsy or creamy? I personally have been a creamy cleanser girl. Water soluble creamy cleansers have been my favorite cleanser formula for most of my grown up skin care life. I like a cleanser that feels moisturizing and takes off makeup in one swoop. A lazy girl’s cleanser. Recently though, I have surprised myself with my new love of a cleanser that I had barely given a loving glance to.

The Hydra- Bright AHA Cleanser.

We found each other by accident. I have been upping my daily use of SPF with a mineral base, you know those white creams that you apply and they leave a white film on your skin? What I have found is that in the evening when I went to wash my face, the creamy cleanser just wasn’t cutting the film, so I had to switch to something with a little suds.

And just like that I found an alternative.

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Softening, cleansing, smoothing, this cleanser is a trifecta of delight in its gel form, not very sudsy, but does the trick in removing the day’s summer grime. You don’t have to be one or the other. You can be both! Two cleansers are not as cumbersome as I had once thought. Give it a try, you may surprise yourself

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