Hot Fudge Sauce Recipe from Alayne's Grandmother, Kitsie

My grown son is now in his own condo and this collection of recipes I called, Dearest Michael were written when he was younger as you will see by my references, as a gift to him for this very moment. Whether you read them for the story or the recipe, know that they were written as a tribute to the many people who have influenced my kitchen, my cooking and my notion of family.


Dearest Michael,

When I was pregnant with you, I had a vanilla ice cream shake almost every day. I was sure you would come out as an ice cream lover. Not really, and this means that the HOT FUDGE SAUCE wasn't necessarily something you loved as much as I did. I would be remiss, however in not sharing this with you as this is one of those family recipes that just needs to continue.

The greatest reward of cooking regularly is learning about cooking through trial and error. When you cook regularly, like anything, you gain confidence and are more comfortable winging it.

I certainly am a much more relaxed and creative cook than I was in my early years of cooking when I was newly married.

I don't know when I changed the name from Chocolate Sauce to Hot Fudge Sauce, but I do know that many people think it can be eaten with a spoon right out of the jar. Like spoonable fudge, but way better.

This fudge sauce was a staple in my young life. When I would visit my Grandmother, she would usually have about a dozen homemade ice cream parfaits in the freezer layered with this sauce between scoops of her homemade ice cream.

Recipes can bring us back to those exact moments. From the time I smell the chocolate melting, to the first spoonful, i am transported to Kitsie's kitchen listening to her banging the pots around while enjoying her company.

I Love You, Love Mom.

Here is the original recipe if you want to start small: (this is the recipe on the card)

1 square of bittersweet chocolate
melted with ¼ cup butter
¼ cup cocoa powder
¾ cup sugar
½ cup evaporated milk
Stir constantly until mixture comes to an almost boil.
Add 1 t. vanilla. Keep stirring until slightly thickened.
This will thicken more when it sits so don’t worry if it is not super thick.


  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Total: 25 mins
  • Servings: Depends on you:) but at least 4-5 good size cups. The larger portion belw, not my grandmother's version above)
  • Yield: Several containers for gifts and your own fridge


Hot Fudge Sauce

This original recipe card, shown here, splattered with chocolate and butter from thirty five years of use was the original "chocolate sauce" recipe, "Grandma Kitsie," my Mother's mother, hand typed, per my request for my 21st birthday. She hand typed all of her recipes on her Royal Typewriter she kept on her writing desk in her bedroom. Maybe this is why I love typewriters so much.

The original recipe made a lot less than I make now. Over the years I have enjoyed making an abundance of this and giving it out to some lucky recipients.

PS I promise that healthy recipes, too, will be showing up in your inbox, after the holidays:)

very butter and fudge sauce splattered hand typed recipe card with fuge sauce recipe on it



Please note: this makes a lot of hot fudge sauce, It can easily be cut in half.


1. In a beautiful small pot that gives you happiness, melt butter and chocolate over medium heat until mostly melted. Give it a stir with your favorite wooden spoon to mush together.

2. Add cocoa and sugar and mix until blended and warm. It will be dry, don't worry, you will be adding the liquid shortly.

3. While heat is on medium low, add vanilla followed by slowly adding the evaporated milk, stirring every few pours or so until the entire can is emptied. Keep stirring. Do not bring to a boil. The sauce will thicken. Keep cooking for about 5 more minutes and then turn off stove and let chocolate cool a little. This will make it thicker.

4. When you are ready for diving in, spoon generously over your favorite ice cream.

As an affiliate, the product recommendations I make in this blog post may pay me a small commission. Sometimes my recommendations are as an Amazon affiliate as in the case of the glass storage jars in this post. I regularly use every product I recommend.


This is the Le Creuset saucepan I use for so many recipes. The perfect size, hardy, happy. it comes in many colors, but turquoise will always be my true love. Easy to clean, you will never have to buy another saucepan, these are built to last.

saucepan with lid

This beautiful Olive wooden spoon made my Staub is a keeper. I just purchased some new spoons and this is a great size for so much of my cooking.

long wooded spoon used for stirring the fudge sauce

Not your average glass jars, I found these and ordered promptly to give as hot fudge sauce gifts for the holidays. I like them because they are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

6 glass jars with screw on caps


The question you will ask yourself is

"Should it stay or should it go?" If the answer is the latter, then spoon into these neat jars and give as gifts. If the answer is the other, spoon right out of the pan into your mouth.

This keeps in fridge for at least a week, but it won't last that long. I have also frozen it and it tastes just as good, just take out of freezer a few hours ahead to thaw it out and reheat... always reheat, this fudge sauce deserves to be served warm.

I love ice cream, and I must say that if you live local and don't live near a homemade local ice cream shop, Warwick Ice Cream and Wright's Farm are my personal favorites. I get these 2 Warwick Ice Cream Flavors at Clement's Market in Portsmouth, RI. I have found Wright's Farm Ice Cream (besides at the actual Wright's Farm) at Blount Seafood Market in Warren, RI. These 2 Warwick Ice Creams, Moonstone Beach Vanilla and Autocrat Coffee Milk and Cookies are my faves to go with generous scoops of warm hot fudge sauce. ENJOY!

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