Skin Care Q&A with Alayne: Does Drinking Water Make a Difference in My Skin?

Question: Does drinking a lot of water really make a difference in my skin?

Answer: Water works.

I never really understood this until I tried a personal experiment. For the past six weeks I have intentionally consumed a minimum of 40oz of water every day and on some days 70 oz.

My Process for Drinking More Water

Every morning, I fill my four cup Pyrex measuring cup with water, put it on my counter and fill either my 16 oz Yeti or this super cute water bottle with a bamboo straw throughout the day. I refill the Pyrex and attempt to drink two full Pyrex containers each day. I learned quickly that I was previously mistaking the amount of water I thought I had been consuming. I was actually drinking much less.

What Happened When I Drank a Bunch of Water?

I know what you’re thinking, "Alayne, if I drank the much water I would be peeing a hundred times a day." This was definitely true the first few days. I didn't pee quite one hundred times a day, but much more frequently than before this experiment. But then I noticed that my body became acclimated and got into a rhythm. I am not sure of the science behind this, I will leave that to comments from the scientists in the group of people reading this, but what I have noticed is that my skin and my hair are no longer dry. My body and my face are softer, smoother, more luminous.

I have always been a heavy moisturizer junky, the more oily and creamier, the better, but I have found with this deep consumption of water, that my skin is so much more hydrated and bright.

I have also noticed that I am not nearly as hungry, an added bonus for my never ending quest for lower numbers on the scale.

A Few Tips for Drinking More Water

Here are some tips for adding more water into your daily drinking habits. As usual, take what you need and leave the rest. Try out your own experiment on your own body. What I have learned over time is that is the best way to decide about new habits. Just because someone says it, or you read that it is the latest greatest tip, doesn’t always equal it working for you and your lifestyle.

What I have realized in this project of mine is that I had to give it time. I’m going on six weeks of deliberate intentional water drinking. There have been times where I have barely made it through four cups. Patience with the process. I just keep saying this. And have another sip.

  • Pour the water ahead of time. You always think you are drinking more than you are. Measure it out for the day and try it for at least five days in a row.
  • Get yourself a good drinking bottle. Don't rely on disposable water bottles. We love and recommend this water bottle.
  • If you need your water to be ice cold, use a YETI. I have found that YETI containers keep your water as cold as you want throughout the day
  • Add some flavor to your water. Add a tea bag for flavor or some fresh mint, rosewater, rose petals, lavender, whatever will make you feel happier when you smell it as it heads towards your lips
  • Drink water before you eat a meal. Water will fill you up a bit and you will eat less at the meal.
  • Replace at least one drink each day with water. Whether you drink carbonated something or iced coffee, replace one each day with just water. Notice how many other things your drink instead of water. This is a great way to add more water and remove some of the other not so good for your liquid that you may be consuming throughout the day.
  • Filter your water. I use a BRITA water filter- there are so many different ways to filter your water. Figure out what works for you.
  • Think about the science. Think of every drink of water as an inside bath for your cells. The lighter your pee, the better your water consumption is. Your pee should not smell or be dark. If it is, this is a definite sign of dehydration — a terrible problem for not only your skin and hair, but your organs and the rest of your insides.

Water is Skin Care's Secret Weapon

We rush around looking for the latest lotion for our skin, the latest diet fad for our weight and right before our eyes is the most simple solution to so many of our issues.


We are lucky to have it flowing freely into our lives, this is a great time to take advantage of its bounty.

As Yoda said, There is no try, there is only do or do not. You never will know until you do.

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