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I am in complete awe of my online store. Not because it is perfect; it has already taught me that this is impossible. I am in awe because of the work behind the scenes that has gone into it. And keeps going into it.

It is absolutely astounding.

Behind the Scenes

I have a team of eight people working on my site, not to mention the amount of apps needed to do all of the little extra bells and whistles that make the shopping experience easier, better, clearer.

And I am fully aware that it needs more attention than my brick and mortar store.

Just when I get all of the moving parts organized, the analytics begin and we determine that a whole new fresh home page needs to be done.

But I love every single part of this process. I am so happy I realized the importance of this online experience for the future of my company, both for my financial and mental health, but also as a unique way to employee my team when we get cancellations.

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Covid-19 and the Online Experience

Six Covid cancellations last week in one day from vaccinated clients. Not to mention the clients who have been exposed to someone who had Covid and are quarantined.

My online store is immune. I am happy I had the instinct to radically shift my business thinking when I closed my facial doors on March 13, 2020. Yes, we are open by appointment, but the service business as I knew it won’t be as I want it for a long time, if ever. The online store is my new love.

Every time you visit an online store, there are thousands of apps making it work. There is an app for everything and every app costs money. I recently added a referral app so that you can tell a friend about your experience on my site and get rewarded. If you haven't signed up for the referral program yet, I urge you to sign up and start earning savings on your next order. Sign up here.

Skin Care Quiz

We just launched our first quiz- you know those quizzes you take online asking you a variety of questions and then giving you a box of something that fits you from your answers? Yeah, that quiz.

Over 20 hours worth of work to create the questions, to marry them to the right product, to create the boxes of the kits to hold the product, to pack them and ship them after you have hopefully decided that we are worthy of your business based on the answers.

We took photos of all of the kits we had to make ourselves because the company just doesn’t do it like we do.

Then we had to get them all up on the site and then I paid someone named Francesco who I met via my online store to resize all of the photos so they look more appealing.

Now I am anxiously waiting for my virtual assistant to design the how to cards that go with each kit so when you receive the box, your how to is not coming on an excel spread sheet, (apologies to the early purchasers…I’ll make it up to you:)

My goal is to make it easy for you to find the perfect products.

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My Team is Mostly Virtual

There is an entire world of behind the scenes of brilliant tech and creative people available like the way the Yellow Pages used to be- at my fingertips 24/7 directly connected to my credit card.

The ripple effect of online commerce and the jobs it is creating is fabulous. And most of my team is now virtual. This has created jobs for people who want their work lives to be more satisfying so their home lives can be too.

So please take the quiz.

Even if you don’t buy anything, (but I sure hope you do because it helps this engine continue to accelerate), take the quiz. It is a great way to help a small business feel like they are on the right track. And because this is new for us too, you will likely get a personal email from me double checking to make sure I am sending you the correct combination of products. I still get to service the way I love and neither of us even have to get out of our jammies.

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