What Is Your Skin Moisturizer Personality?

There are so many moisturizers out there- oil free, lightweight, medium weight, oil rich, treatment, acid based, tinted, spf.

What to use? When to use? How to use?

Let me just say that many moisturizers can serve as both your am and pm product, especially if you tend to be on the lazy side (or have lazy moments in your otherwise stellar routine) The only exception is in the world of SPF sunscreens.

Sunscreens are meant to protect from the sun so unless you live in an area where it is day light all the time during a season, then you definitely need a different evening moisturizer. You don’t want to use an SPF at night even if you are lazy simply because the added chemical of sunscreen is neither necessary nor good for you to sleep in.

How Do Want Your Skin Moisturizer to Feel?

Do you like your moisturizer to feel light, medium, or heavy weight?

In order for you to get your skin in good balance, you should really love the vibe of your moisturizer.

What is amazing about finding a great routine, especially finding the best cleanser first, is that often your skin will begin its miraculous journey into balance. A balanced skin means that it is not too oily and not too dry. This can come from simply having the right cleanser and moisturizer. Skin should have some good elasticity and tone (usually comes from having the right serum) and feels soft and smooth to the touch (this can come from finding the right exfoliant step).

So I am going to break down some types of moisturizers for you to help you find one that works for both your skin and your vibe. Once we determine the best moisturizer for you, we can take a look at another confusing topic, exfoliants.

What do you like your moisturizer to feel like? Almost invisible, lightweight, medium weight, heavy, or super heavy?

Once you know this answer we have a jumping off point. Let me also remind you about your cleansing choice though in case you missed the previous blog on cleansers. Sometimes your choice of cleanser can play a big role in your skin’s health and balance. So if you are super oily or super dry, please make sure that you are using a cleanser that is not creating this condition.

So if your cleanser is doing what it is supposed to be doing and you are following my hard and fast rule of 100% no compromise washing your face every night before bed or when you get home from your day, I can help you choose the best weight for your skin.

Oil free products are great for skin that doesn’t need more oil. All skin needs hydration. WE ARE ALL LACKING WATER unless you are one of those people who really drinks half your body weight in daily water intake, consider yourself dehydrated. If you are dehydrated, your skin is too.

Most moisturizers will address dehydration, but an added ingredient that really seals the deal is Hyaluronic Acid. This is all hydration and no oil so for some people who are oily or don’t like shine at all, this ingredient makes a difference in your skin and it will tame those ferocious oil glands from working so hard to replenish the oil you don’t need anyway.

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On the other side of the moisturizer world, oil is your friend, peptides are your friends, creamy luscious weight really helps dry skin and sometimes a layered approach can really make a difference in a dry skin.

Are you confused about what skin type you are? Take our skin quiz.

Oily Skin with Breakouts

If you are OILY and have CONSISTENT BREAKOUTS, you want to start with the lightest of light.

OIL CONTROL EMULSION is a great place to start.

Oily Skin or Normal to Oily Skin

If you don’t want to feel any weight at all, you are someone who doesn’t like the feel of anything on your skin, your skin is OILY or NORMAL TO OILY, COMBINATION, or you just want to start with a great basic lightweight moisturizer, start with OIL FREE MOISTURIZER. This skin moisturizer is one of the absolute best on the market.

Sensitive Skin

If you are SENSITIVE and want a lighter weight moisturizer try ALOE CALM HYDRATOR. If you are SENSTIVE and also dryer, want a medium or heavier weight moisturizer try VITA E MOISTURIZER. If you want a grown up moisturizer with a little extra performance to it and want a light weight one too, then Glo recently introduced HYDRABRIGHT AHA MOISTURIZER. It is really a great addition to the family of moisturizers.

Normal Skin or Normal to Dry Skin

If your skin is NORMAL or NORMAL TO DRY and you want to feel hydrated and moisturized but not too much so, definitely try PHYTO LIGHT MOISTURIZER.

Dry Skin

Is your skin DRY and you want it to feel like you have some creaminess on it? Do you like weighted but not necessarily greasy weight, try RESTORATIVE CREAM. Jurlique also has Jurlique Nutri Define Supreme Restorative Rich Cream and this is lovely too. Or Jurlique Nutri Define Supreme Restorative Light Cream. If you are the type of person who can’t get enough oil, you love your skin to have a sheen to it and you love a weighted vibe? You can use PHYTOACTIVE CONDITIONING OIL DROPS solo or under any cream. This product will take any moisturizer up a notch. (Can you tell I am a big fan?) Jurlique makes a delicious one too called Nutri Oil..like a garden for your face.

If you want a moisturizer that is super rich and protective from the cold outside, makes your skin look and feel like it has lots of shine, then Jurlique’s Moisture Replensishing Day Cream is the most badass weighted cream. I use it on those cold windy days when I am going to be outside.

Treatment Based Moisturizers

If you want some TIGHTENING AND BRIGHTENING and some weight, and don’t mind spending a good amount on a high performing moisturizer, PHYTO ACTIVE FACE CREAM is a power house.

Lastly, there are some serious treatment based moisturizers that have lots of bam to them. I personally don’t recommend them as a daily cream, but more as a way to offer your skin some extra treatment without having to use a serum or for someone who really can handle some punch. Glo GLYCOLIC RESURFACING CREAM is one of these. I would only recommend this in the evening a few times a week- this is a great way to introduce your skin to glycolic. Please be sure that you are on a good solid routine before adding a bell and whistle treatment product to your routine. You can do more harm then good. Go slow.

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